Arcade Cabinet

As part of a collaboration with a local school we are designing and building a custom Arcade Cabinet to be the basis of a extra-curricular class where students will follow the same plans and create their own cabinets for home.

The plans and resources used in the class will be available here on the site once finalised and freely available to everyone. Follow along with the progress as we tackle the many different skills required to complete this project.

Designing a Custom Arcade Cabinet

Custom Arcade Cabinet Plans with arcade button

Very few projects evoke the multitude of skills that personify the phrase “Jack of all trades, master of none. But always better than a master of one.” better than designing and building a custom arcade cabinet.

A project that has been talked about since before Giraffe and Elf was established has finally moved into the development stage with a very big project scope and allot to do.

The outcome of this project has also expanded to become a extracurricular course for a high school. The plans, methods, and components used to create the cabinet need to be easily followed and replicated by a small class of students with clear directions. This differs from a regular build in that plans need to be referenced and instructions followed by a group of people rather than from notes scribbled on scrap paper intended for a once off piece.

Custom arcade cabinet plans isometric illustartion

Currently the project is in the pre-production phase as plans are drawn up and problems with production are addressed. As the project continues we’ll be sharing more updates, including specifics about some components, the hurdles we encountered, and solutions that were used.